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Friday, March 23, 2012

La Délicatesse (Delicacy)

Last night, I saw La Délicatesse {Delicacy}. It was beautiful. One of the best movies that I've seen in a along time. 

I highly recommend that you see it. It's in french, so if you don't speak the language, make sure you get a copy with subtitles - it's one that you won't forget.

Based on the successful eponymous novel by David Foenkinos, this refreshing romantic comedy tells us about love’s strangeness.
Nathalie (played by the stunning
Audrey Tautou, Amélie) has everything to be happy about: she is young, beautiful and madly in love with her husband François. But the accidental death of the latter radically changes her life. For years, Nathalie doesn’t go out anymore. She buries herself in work and puts her sentimental life aside, until one day when, without really knowing why, she kisses Markus (François Damiens), an insignificant Swedish colleague, who is the antithesis of her late husband. What follows is this improbable couple’s sentimental waltz which attracts questioning and aggressiveness within the company.Delicacy is both the particularly charming story of a relationship between two very different people and the revival of a woman broken by loss.

Remember the subtitles.  

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