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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Constant Conversation

I kept hearing this song at work, and only today did I finally find out what it was... "Constant Conversation" by Passion Pit.

The music video features Analeigh Tiption (from Crazy Stupid Love) and Tarryn Manning, who caught my eye at the beginning (sitting on the couch, blonde hair.) She looks so different from her role as Doggett in Orange is the New Black that I almost didn't recognise her!

Constant Conversations also appears in the Ministry of Sound's album Futurism. I really like the colours of the album cover.

Which par coincidence reminds me of this Aubusson rug...

And Romany Soup's collage featuring my favourite... Maria de Medici! 

Whatever tenuous the links may be between those things, I hope you enjoy them.


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