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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Battle Cry

A very pertinent and on point article about Mary Beard in the New York Times. 
Realising that this is more prevalent than I thought, here are some quotes:

A very accurate portrayal of history:

“The gloomiest way of describing the ancient world is it is misogyny from A to Z, really,” she said. But even in the present, she added, “we have never escaped a certain male cultural desire for women’s silence.”

Not taking it too seriously:
Ms. Beard is unusually good-humored about many of her adversaries. In one much-publicized instance, she not only commandeered an apology, but has kept in touch with her reformed troll, for whom she now writes letters of reference. (“Oh, Oliver!” she said with apparent affection as his tweets were projected behind her at her conference chat.)

 A must read article.

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