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Friday, May 5, 2017

Personal Libraries: a Worthwhile Endeavour

It's only hoarding if it's weird stuff, like toothpaste caps and empty chip packets.

Inside Carolina Irving’s prewar Manhattan apartment, the library and living room features a blue and white dhurrie from Jaipur, a Robert Kime pouf, and a first-century A.D. Celtic stone head. Photographed by François Halard, Vogue, October 2006

A panel of Braquenié’s tree of life inside Caroline Sieber and husband Fritz von Westenholz’s library-style dining room at their London home. Photographed by Oberto Gili, Vogue, December 2015

One of the known sources used: Apartment Therapy
Another source: Vogue Slideshow 
Other images sourced via Pinterest

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