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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Notebook.

I really can't believe that it took me this long, I am actually quite ashamed, but I finally saw The Notebook with Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.
Here is what I have to say:

1. Rachel Adams is beautiful, her hair was really cool in the movie. But she definitely suits darker hair.

2. Oh! Ryan Gosling - this just demonstrates the powers of grooming.
Although, he was still pretty hot in this. Not as hot when compared to Crazy, Stupid, Love. Don't get me wrong, Crazy, Stupid, Love OBVIOUSLY takes the cake...

But - you see my point?

3. Nicholas Sparks can weave a delightfully nail-biting yarn - can he not!?

4.I love the Swan Scene!

5. I just realised how much of a sap I am.
Excuse me while I go cry about another romance story...

6. The whole time, I was watching it downstairs, on the small tv, letting my dinner to get cold waiting for the movie to end. Then, I go upstairs and find that they are watching it there too. Delightful, I know.

 7. Her parents were horrible! Yes, I do know that was the point, but still!

8. If a young Emma Stone was in this movie, that would just be too awesome/ weird for words.

Nighty-Night Folks,
I'm out!


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