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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bona Dea

This picture of Athens makes me think of Vestal Virgins and the Bona Dea Scandal of 62BC.

What is the Bona Dea Scandal, you ask?

Well, in Ancient Rome, there was a cult that worshipped the "Good Goddess" Bona Dea. It was an all female cult, and their meetings were held at the high priests house. He was kicked out because there was absolutely no men allowed when they gathered under any circumstances. Well, at this time, the high priest (Pontifex Maximus) was Julius Caesar. Yes, that Julius Caesar, as in salad. Anyway, Caesar's wife was having an affair with this dude called Clodius (makes me think of cream for some reason?). On that specific night, he thought that because Caesar was out of the house, it would be a good idea to 'pay her a visit'. Long story short, he snuck in, dressed as a woman. (He thought that he could get away with it because he had recently cut his beard!) He was soon unmasked, so to speak, by a slave-girl, and charged with high treason for violation of a sacred cult!
He was let off the charges because this guy called Crassus massively bribed everyone in the jury.

There you go, there's your history lesson for the day!
Now you know: What do Caesar, Cross Dressing and a Cult have in common?

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