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Friday, July 6, 2012


The holidays have come. I had a great afternoon out with my most gracious friend. We were "ladies who do lunch", then we went second-hand shopping. I bought a cool old silver tray for my dad, a nice little box and some cool books (one for my sister).

Anyway,  I can't stop listening to some Beatles songs from 'The White Album'.

I didn't know it before, by Martha My Dear is a dual layered recording by Paul McCartney. So, if you listen to the recording with your earphones, and take one ear out, you can only hear half of the song. At least with my version you can! I thought that was quite cool!
It's so catchy too!

I also found out some fun facts about Dear Prudence from the information box below the youtube clip for it. (credit: NeedLife774, on 12 Dec 2007):
The song is about actress Mia Farrow's sister, Prudence, who was present when the Beatles visited Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India. Prudence, focused on meditation, stayed in her room for the majority of their stay. Lennon, who was worried that she was depressed, wrote this song for her, inviting her to "come out to play". While the Beatles left the course, Mia, Prudence, Mike Love of the Beach Boys, and others, stayed and became Transcendental Meditation (or TM) teachers. Prudence now teaches elementary school along with her husband, and they both still practice TM, and advanced versions of it, and may still teach TM.
This song, along with the preceding track "Back in the U.S.S.R.", features Paul McCartney on drums rather than Ringo Starr, who had recently walked out. Starr returned after the recording of this song to find flowers waiting for him on his drumkit.
Lennon considered this song to be one of his favorite Beatles songs, and his son Julian Lennon has named it his favorite.
In 1987, Lennon's original handwritten copy of the lyrics was sold at auction for $19,500
I didn't realise it before, but this blog is becoming more and more music orientated. Huh!?

And some good pictures too!

Speaking of that, I think I might watch Sixteen Candles tonight!

I find this picture hilarious! It's of people lining up for black cat auditions in Hollywood in the 60s.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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