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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Penguin Little Black Classics

Thanks Mum. Plenty of hours of amusement to come, bite size forms of joy to be digested at leisure.
xx Isme

i. Dante: Love That Moves the Sun and Other Stars - n109
ii. Virginia Woolf: Flush - n120
iii. William Shakespeare: Is This a Dagger I See Before Me? - n113
iv. Charles Dickens: To Be Read At Dusk - n86
v. Jean de la Fontaine: The World is Full of Foolish Men - n83.

“When Mr Browning was gone, she called him to her an inflicted upon him the worst punishment he had ever known. First she slapped his ears - that was nothing; oddly enough the slap was rather to his liking; he would have welcomed another. But then she said in her sober, certain tones that she would never love him again. That shaft went to his heart. All these years they had lived together, shared everything together, and now, for one moment’s failure, she would never love him again. Then, as if to make her dismissal complete, she took the flowers that Mr Browning had brought her and began to put them in a case. It was an act, Flush thought, of calculated and deliberate malice; an act designed to make him feel his own insignificance completely." 
p41, Flush - Virginia Woolf

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