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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hug Me

Gavin Haynes wrote a rather amusing article for the Guardian about hugging etiquette, including these part true, part tongue-in-cheek tips for hugging etiquette. Short but sweet, it's well worth a read. But here are some highlights: 
At the end of your trial, it is inappropriate to hug any judge above county-court level. Jurors will appreciate a raised hand, and a mouthed “Thanks”. One’s own counsel can be hugged – it’s included in the fees, and given the size of those fees, it’s often possible to negotiate a bit of head massage, too.

Men who turn up in social situations finagling hugs from women they know only vaguely should be hugged solely to identify them to the police.

Bad news that can’t be delivered with a hug: I’ve got syphilis. Your ribs are broken. She was crushed to death by a python.

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