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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chivalry Is not Dead.

I was at a meeting, and it not being my meeting, it was a) boring, and b) a room full of lawyers. While I was staring off into the oblivion, trying to sort out what I was going to do when I finally got home, I witnessed a spectacular spectacle!

In the last row of seats to the left, there were four young guys, all dressed in full suits, good looking and all law students. (the good looking and law students part isn't necessary for the story, but I thought that I would let you in on the juicy gossip anyway!)

A while after I spied the suited-up gentlemen, four slightly older women walked in the door. Being there no more chairs available, as soon as the women came into sight, the four men stood up simultaneously and offered the ladies their seats. They stood at the back of the room for the remainder of the 30 minutes.

All I can say is, that my hope in my generation of men who will eventually wear suits has been restored.
Just another reason for me to love men in suits. Like I need it.

Oh, and just a little teaser for what's to come, (yes, it is about a man in a suit!)

Mr Marzotto.

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